Make it easier for customers to connect with the products and services your business offers. We build solutions that create value for merchants, and help businesses new to e-commerce make the most of their offerings
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Increasing company sales

Increasing sales, online and offline

Clients join us needing... ...and as a result have seen...

...a single place for customers to discover, browse, and buy immediately...

...customers to find out more about products before making a targeted enquiry or purchase...

...increased high-margin cash sales coming from new accounts...

...increased sales opportunities by cross/up-selling products and services...

...maximised revenue opportunities (on and offline) by promoting new products and ranges to website visitors...

...double-digit increases in overall website use

...customers returning from competitors

...double- and triple-digit growth in new customers, orders, and re-order rates

...double-digit growth in sales of normally dormant/quiet product lines customers from growth markets

Increasing company sales

Strengthening customer service

Clients join us needing... ...and as a result have seen...

...customers able to service their own accounts... reduce the costs of phone/fax/email manual order entry...

...spending less time on general enquiries or administrative duties...

...improved customer service scores by reducing wait times

...customers able to find out information for themselves, enabling interaction to be focused on the customer relationship

...sales people able to focus on adding value, not administration

Increasing company sales

Improving productivity

Clients join us needing... ...and as a result have seen... decrease administrative costs by bringing paper-based processes online...

...a resource that can be used in store, on site, at a road show, and in mobile showrooms... decrease the headaches of chasing for payment and controlling credit...

...significant reductions in time taken for internal tasks

...the sales team focusing on the customer relationship

...eliminated time spent requesting payment

...eliminated credit control issues

...eliminated revenue write-offs

Costs and return

  • Paid on results throughout the project - no large payments without seeing something for it
  • Costs paid back within 12 months from profit, not turnover
  • 10x return on costs before needing any major additional work
How we do it
Audere project costs and returns

How we work

Detailed project planning

Planning makes perfect

We’ll work with you to prepare a detailed plan that describes a project with all software features and system capabilities, from you or your customers perspective
Improved sales operation

Getting to know you

Whether you’re new to e-commerce or not, we do a deep dive into all areas of your current sales and service operation, ensuring e-commerce is used to do the best it can to increase sales (online and offline), strengthen service, and improve productivity
Quick website launch

As quick as we can

Minimal value proposition – we look to launch as soon as the highest impact value is delivered, ensuring a return starts ASAP: paying for any development that follows after it

Our focus

Weekly Reports
Weekly reports
Every week you’ll get a weekly report that covers what has been done, what is next, and what is blocked (with what is needed from a named stakeholder to resolve this)
Easy to Contact
Easy to contact
You can call any time from 7AM weekdays, and we’ll hold project meetings once a month at your premises if you'd like to – wherever you are in the UK
Reduced Risks
Reduced risks
Project risks are reduced by working together on the detailed project plan before development starts, ensuring that the end result will match exactly what you expect it to
Thorough Training
Full understanding
We will provide training throughout the project – ensuring launch is a low-effort, high-impact event with staff ready to use from day one
Training Guide
Training for growth
Training is incorporated into a training guide for use for current or future colleagues, so the project can grow as your business does
Magento Logo

What we use

The world's leading e-commerce software

Magento is the World's leading e-commerce platform, used by over a quarter of online retailers, and over 40% in the United Kingdom.

You'll benefit from our thousands of hours of combined Magento experience, as well as several official Magento certifications that demonstrate commitment to getting the best from the platform for you.

Magento Developer Certification Magento Front End Developer Magento Solution Specialist Certification
The Audere Commerce team

Small team, big impact

  • We don’t have the overheads associated with larger agencies, and pass these on with a competitive cost
  • We spend the majority of our time directly on creating value for clients – no distractions
  • We’re fortunate that most of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals – leaving us free to reach out to clients we feel we can help
  • We own our failures – there are bumps along the way with any project, and we do not shy away from them

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